Thematic Curriculum  

Our curriculum includes 12 different thematic units.

Thematic units includes vocabularies, crafts, worksheets, songs, books, and other tools to engage children to the lessons and promote the independent thinking and speaking.

We promote self-esteem and confidence during our lessons, so we focus on supporting every child’s effort with positive feedback and encouragement.

Since language learning is very personal, we use Gardner and Montessori principles and guidelines in our curriculum. We believe that every child is unique and has his or her own learning process.


Play-based learning

​​​​​My Spanish Academy utilizes play-based immersion strategies during lessons. Play-based promotes the natural learning, repetition and engagement to foreign language.  

Our instructors are native Spanish speakers and our own detailed curriculum provides your children a unique language immersion experience.

We promotes to children use their Spanish vocabulary through: music, dance, songs, crafts, games, physical expression, interactive drama, cultural activities and  family activities.