What is play-based Spanish Immersion program?
Play-based Spanish Immersion is a method to practice Spanish through activities and games, using multi-sensorial resources.
My Spanish Academy created a complete curriculum to play, learn and practice Spanish every class. Our native Spanish speaker instructors will encourage children to speak and build their language confidence.

What will happen to my child's skills in English?

Children can learn much about English by learning the structure of another language. Common vocabulary also helps children learn the meaning of new words in English. Experimental studies have shown that no long-term delay in native English language development occurs in children participating in second language classes, even in full immersion programs. In fact, children enrolled in foreign language programs score statistically higher on standardized test conducted in English.

How many students are in a class?

In order to maintain a quality learning process we admit only 8 students per class.

How will my child understand if he/she does not speak the second language?Instructors use many strategies to engage children, such as visuals, props, manipulatives, facial expressions, gestures, physical movements and many other instructional techniques. Based on the monthly vocabulary and the constant repetition children will understand and respond questions. Simple commands in English will be provided.

How can I evaluate my child’s progress if no one speaks Spanish at home? We are compromised to offer the best Spanish immersion program, so parents and instructors (based on availability) will talk to parents about students’ progress. In addition a basic report card will be provided to parent at the end of each thematic unit. Parents are allow to request a meeting with My Spanish Academy and know more about their children progress.

What happens if my child misses a class?
Parents needs to contact My Spanish Academy (410) 750-6100 or email us at to schedule a makeup during the immediate next week where the student was absent. After that week we will not provide any makeups.

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