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​​​​​​​4 - 6  y/o


Spanish pre-reading and pre-writing skills are worked every class in this group. Activities based in the thematic units will promote the practice of many different vocabularies. Crafts, musical activities books and fun are included. Beginners:B - Advanced:A


 0-24 months.


Hola Bebe playgroup is focus in practice songs and action words that parents or caregivers will use with their tots during their family activities. Talk and sing to your baby in Spanish! Sensorial materials, silly activities, puppets, music, and more.                                   

​2 & 3 y/o


In our small group classes, 2 and 3 year-old children will learn and practice Spanish while playing games about shapes, colors, numbers, animal names, sizes, body parts, family members and vocabularies based on our thematic units. 

Wed.     10.am

Thu.      3.pm

Fri.      3.pm

Thu.     5.30pm

Sat.      12.pm 

10-12 y/o


Reading, writing and comprehension skills are develop by games and fun strategies. Our instructors will teach conjugations of verbs based on our monthly Thematic Units. Board games, worksheets and activities are a great part of our schedule as well as a monthly calendar to practice Spanish every day.                          

Mon.     3.pm

Tue.  4.30.pm

Wed.  11.30am

Fri.      4.pm

Sat.     9.am

​​STUDY GROUP: 13 -15 y/o

Only 3 students max to work comprehension, grammar, conjugation and conversational skills at High School Level. 

Assessment is required in order to enroll students to their correct level. 


7-9 y/o


Reading, writing and comprehension skills are developed by games and fun strategies. Our instructors will teach verbs, adjectives and vocabularies based on our monthly Thematic Units. Board games, crafts and activities are a great part of our schedule.                                       

Mon.     4.pm (B)

Wed.    4.pm (B)

Sat.     10.am (B)

Thu.     4.30pm (A)

- 10 y/o

Sundays 10.am - 12.pm

Reading, writing skills, thematic vocabularies, verbs, songs, crafts, games, music, homework, calendar,  books, and more.

Practice of regular conversations that includes questions and answers, use and domain of adjectives, pronouns, singular and plural form and much more.

Mon.     5.pm

Tue.      5.30pm 

Wed.     5.pm 

Sat.      12.pm 

Mond.    6pm

Wed.      6pm 

- 6 y/o      

Sundays 9.30am - 11.30am

Pre-reading, pre-writing skills, songs, crafts, games, sensorial activities, music, homework, books, and more. Every 15 minutes students will be moving to a new activity, in order to be engaged to the Spanish practice.  

Singular and plural form, colors, shapes, numbers, 

sizes, quantities, parts of the body, and much more.